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The family law attorneys at Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen have a wide range of experience regarding property division matters, including pensions and retirement accounts, real estate, family owned business, and interests in limited partnerships and limited liability companies.  We are also able to offer you advice as to how “financial infidelity” and hiding assets will interact with the division of your estate.

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Did you know that, in Texas, everything you own and owe at the end of a marriage is presumed to be community property and subject to division between the parties upon divorce? Or that, regardless of where that community property came from the presumption is that it will be divided equally between you and your spouse at the end of the marriage?

Despite these presumptions the Court maintains the ability to find that assets are your separate property and not part of the community property estate.  The Court can also find that it is fair and equitable to award you more than your spouse based on a number of factors. To ensure that you receive a fair and equitable portion of your estate and to ensure your financial security you need competent and dedicated counsel to guide you through the divorce process.

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Sarah M. Rose and Alyssa Herrington look forward to answering your questions about division of your property.  Call 972-731-6500 to schedule a consult.

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    WHAT OTHERS SAYTestimonials

    Hannah Stroud and Sarah Rose did an amazing job tackling a last minute appeal brief. They were both very professional, prompt and knowledgeable. I appreciate the time and work that they put into this case. I would highly recommend this law firm and using Hannah and Sarah to others.

    -Diane C.

    Hannah Stroud has been my lawyer for about eight years. She is extremely professional, helpful, caring and honest. I left another lawyer on advice to be represented by Hannah. I don’t regret a single minute of our relationship.

    -Michelle K.

    Sarah helped me with a difficult case that required a lot of fact gathering and having to distinguish between actual facts and allegations. Sarah was patient, thorough, and truly listened to my case and the information I provided. Sarah went to great lengths to assist me in gathering information needed and finding resources to help my case. We ended up settling out of court, but Sarah continued to go to bat for me and my case helping me get an outcome that was positive and feasible. I highly recommend Sarah, as she treats her clients with respect and dignity. She is a true advocate for her clients and goes above and beyond to help them receive the best outcome possible.


    Hannah was so patient, kind and understanding as my attorney. She was available whenever I had questions and advocated hard for my best interest. Definitely recommend!

    -Cheryl M.

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